Here come the forecasts

So the clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in, and the Edtechnorati are writing their end of 2018 / start of 2019 edtech forecasts. (With apologies to Seamus)   The Edtech Forecast Blackboard, Moodle, Fronter, Pearson: Westerly, veering southerly, constructivist, downturn. Canvas, outlying, veering mainstream, not yet connectivist. Start-ups, vying, occasionally rough, turning…

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Toward digital praxis: just thinking out loud

Introduction First of all this is just open thinking – I am looking for feedback. I started thinking in this direction when I started working with Donna Lanclos back in 2014. We co-authored a blog post where Donna wrote: In a post-digital academy, where presence may be seen as having value, understanding how an online…

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“Accessible” is not the same as Inclusion

Do we consider all learners when embedding digital into teaching, learning and assessment? If they don’t have the newest device, good connectivity, unlimited data, can they still participate, engage and learn, what if they have a disability? When practitioners start to use innovative practices and technologies is everyone included? It’s not often that I talk…

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Do I need a new license? Creative Commons, Cambridge Analytica and Ethics

a pad lock that is open overlain with data

With thanks to Dan Lynds for for suggestions and edits Earlier this year Robin de Rosa and Rajiv Jhangiani launched the Open Pedagogy Notebook, a resource for any educators to both use open resources and learn more about the underpinning idea of open. I first met Robin in August 2016 at DigPedPEI, we had lots…

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Next generation [digital] learning environments: Community Voices

lego crowd

As Technology Enhanced Learning continues to develop, it is clear that some form of digital learning environment will remain core to institutional practices; the levels of integration, features and porosity will continue to change, driven, and potentially driving the behavioural shifts we see in staff and students. Digifest18 was where Jisc launched “Next generation [digital]…

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