There are many ideas in the Back to School with Web 2.0 posts ( is part 3 with links back to parts 1 and 2) and a few in this report ( p5-7, disclaimer, I was a co-author).

For Flickr fans, this is my favorite Flickr educational image about Flickr ( ).

My own favorite tool is
My top hints in using it successfully are:
i) Install a browswer extension.
ii) use the notes and tag fields extensively for successful later retrieval by searching in your bookmarks using
iii)Select text in the page you are to bookmarking before bookmarking to put that text in the notes field automatically.
iv) learn what the + sign in delicious pages does
v) Try not to become obsessed by bookmarking.
More hints
+/- 250 Web 2.0 links in flickr