As far as I see it, the problem doesn’t lie in the license you choose. It’s in the behaviours of some other people and I don’t think changing the level of openness in the license would affect that. Maybe I’m too pessimistic. Yes, it sends out a message and no doubt it will ignite a good dicsussion but that imapct has a relatively short half-life.
Would it not be a stronger expression of your values and identity to do things that might influence behaviours more effectively and over the long term? Model the attribution behaviours you want to see, call it out when you see bad behaviour and yes, keep blogging about it?
I’m also not sure about ND. I get that this is about protecting the integrity of the original work but it don’t think the constraints are well understood so people taking the license seriously are unclear about what is legitimate critique and what counts as a “derivative”. I’ll admit I don’t understand it which is why I’ve chosen to go with CC-BY where I can.
I always saw you as more of a Share Alike guy. 😉