Hi Sukhtinder,
I agree that these reflections are only true in how you interpret them. The purpose for us was not to get users to seek truth, but the act of reflection itself. Seeing the words and phrases other people use to describe our digital presence is meant to give us pause for thought, and to reflect on whether that is what the user would like to be seen as. This then is the baseline, this is how I am seen, do I want to change? How would I change?
WRT to Visitor and Resident, this project came about as Donna and I were reflecting on Johari window and VandR. Since then we have also changed our ideas and have recently published, in part about why we have moved away from VandR in our working with staff in the sector. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sTa8P36Qft7183NZNc3eTx6wDVP3hvsO
Happy to chat more