As promised, just some initial thoughts:

We have been partially exploring this at our institution and recently I have had discussion with our IT development (training) colleagues to try and change the approach to IT training from “this is the tool and how it works” to “this is how you can use the tool for………..”

We’ve recently deployed O365 across the University and so this is an ideal opportunity to try this approach. So for example, rather than just training people on OneNote we’ve been planning development which focusses on particular “tasks”. Below are some examples:

OneNote for Collaborative Mind Mapping
OneNote for (Peer/Formative/Summative) Feedback
OneNote for Group Discussion

This approach can be applied to any digital “tool” and helps focus on the “way” to use the tool in smaller “chunks” of learning and hopefully means that the individual leaves the session & can immediately engage in the use of the tool, rather than then having to think of a “why”.

In terms of the digital lens diagram you have developed, I don’t think that all of the processes should be the responsibility of the individual – so I wonder of this lens sits at various levels within an institution and how this might be presented to reflect that? If the intention is that the lens is for the “institution” to take forward how do we make it meaningful for the individual?

I’ve added some scribbled notes to the diagram here: