Hi Lawrie,
Happy New Year, and glad you’re back safe and sound…if a little late!

Some thoughts….

1. When it comes to change and L&T, I’m always wary of neat, linear progression diagrams. But how best to illustrate the messy, stumbling, non-linearity of change is always difficult.
2. I would be tempted to add in somewhere, that when it comes to change, three factors come strongly into play: the people, the systems, the environment. All three need to be addressed simultaneously and appropriately if real change is to occur. Address only one or two and the desired change is unlikely to happen, or it will happen in an unexpected undesired way. I’m sure we’ve all experienced situations where that has happened. Example: a change in the environment e.g. a brand new, expensive state-of-the-art something or other. But nothing is done to address the people (skills/knowledge/attributes etc) or the systems required to support it and maximise its potential.
3. Strength in numbers. The importance of having/finding a group of like-minded individuals both to help forge the path and for support.