Random Acts of #Craftivism

I started playing with clay in 2020 when my wife got me a day’s experience at Woodsetton Pots. Lorraine, who runs Woodsetton, is a great teacher, and so I have been having occasional classes and I have found that I enjoy it, and it relaxes me. I am under no illusion about my skill level (or lack thereof), and I am not trying to make a living at this!

But, my wife, who you gifted me this hobby, started to ask difficult questions.

  • “How many pots are you making?”
  • “How many pots do we need?”
  • “Where are we going to put ALL THESE POTS?”

And so I have had to think about that. I am gifting many of them, some people don’t know they are getting them, some people have asked for something and I try and make it, and some of them are going to be left lying around in random places for people to pick up and, I hope, enjoy.

If you came to this page, its probably because you have one of my pots. Why not take a selfie with the pot, or photograph the pot in its place and tag me either @Lawrie on Twitter or @lawriephipps on Instagram.

If I ever make any profits out of making pots it’ll be used to support charities I care about – no one should feel that they have to donate for a pot that they receive – they are gifts whether you know me, or not, but if you do want to help me donate  to good causes, you can send something through Paypal and mark it “Random Act of Craftivism” – money raised will support things like foodbanks and similar charities. If I ever get enough money to donate, I’ll add it to this page.