Hi Andrew,
I am trying to make sense of those ideas, I am still talking to Dave and Bon, Autummn, Maha and most of the people I met on the island, still thinking about the impact our time there had on us. Interestingly, it was, as always, the unconference where interesting things were said and the impact of the social (sic) was really important (hopefully that doesn’t sound like an episode of Lost). I am not sure about the scaling, I am not even sure that we can artificially construct; like a rhizome we need to have the right conditions, which we can influence. Dave C has got some interesting ideas around induction, around how you can create the right conditions – you should ping him for some. As for the DigPed experience, I will be at ALT-C on the Wednesday, maybe you and I can chat about what a UK DigPed might look like?