I found this interesting particularly as it centres upon control and learning behaviour. The tension as I see it lies between the dominant corporate approach to institutional procurement and provisioning which aim to fix a preferred supplier relationship vs the real behaviour of digitally savvy students who often find our choices rather passé and restricitve. As teachers we need to focus our efforts on the way learning happens. It is not restricted to institutional spaces (although they may be useful points of contact). Human learning is a complex, adaptive system and is best described these days I find by the term heutagogy – self-directed learning. Organic metaphors such as rhizomatic learning more effectively describe the way we learn, navigating both formal and informal spaces, interacting with each other and growing “in the wild”. This image may help to illustrate the change required. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1vVUzzxHLaNwWcsrKPg7sDqJcH6OQn8pEEd0xff7qi-c/edit?usp=sharing