Interesting ‘take’ (tool) on digital perceptions and how others views can provide you some perspective on what your digital presence may say about you. Just a bit concerned how true these reflections are (in informal/formal digital settings) may be and depending on your engagement in various contexts (discussion comment, blog posts) and whether at any snapshot in time this provides a window of digital perception but over an extended length of time is not a true reflection of you. This would be interesting to do with different cohorts – I’m saying this as I do the mapping visitor/resident excercise with year 12 (age 16/17) re mapping technologies and some find this excercise at times ‘strange’ to do as they’ve grown up with the digital environment entwined and some don’t see the issue of what mapping their digital selves (so to speak) in comparison to physical selves is necessary. Again the main point was to self-reflect but it was interesting that many did not see the need to diffentiate activites online/offline. I will be writing this up in a blog post!