Pot drop summer 2022 – more Baerytes

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I took a few days off during July to practice new throwing techniques. I stuck to the same theme of Baerytes, but also changing my glazing approach.

This first Baerytes are two coats of Amaco PC-67 River Rock, followed by two coats of Amaco PC-25 Textured Turquoise, and then just around the top 2 cm Amaco PC-17 Honey Flux, the signature Trilobite is in a metallic glaze.Glazed pots

The second set is of three baerytes, with two coats of Amaco PC-20 Blue Rutile, followed by 2 coats of Amaco PC-25 Textured Turquise, and another splash of honey flux on the top.

pots ready for firing

Finished pots are paler than I am used to creating, but I like them.

three pots with pale blue glaze

The last pot is is a one off, with a simple 2 coats of Amaco PC-12 Blue Midnight

blue pot with trilobites

Finally, there is a green man – an ongoing idea I have about the black country – new project drop in the Autumn.

a green man plaque


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