Playing with Clay

I started playing with clay in 2020 when my wife got me a day’s experience at Woodsetton Pots. Lorraine, who runs Woodsetton, is a great teacher, and so I have been having occasional classes, and I have found that I enjoy it, and it relaxes me. I am under no illusion about my skill level (or lack thereof), and I am not trying to make a living at this!

But, my wife, who gifted me this hobby, started to ask difficult questions.

  • “How many pots are you making?”
  • “How many pots do we need?”
  • “Where are we going to put ALL THESE POTS?”

My latest project is based on some of the traditions and history of the Black Country – Quarry Men’s Cobbles

The stories behind some of my pots, and more pictures of pots I’ve made are here.

Pot drop Summer 2022 

Pot Drop Summer 2023

My Pots out in the wild

If you want a pot – let me know! And if I ever make any profits out of making pots it’ll be used to support charities I care about.





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