Mirror, mirror: A free ALT-C Winter Conference Session.

“People in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All have eyes, but few have the gift of perception, this is especially true when we look into a mirror”

When we work in digital spaces, especially open digital spaces, we assume an identity. Some people have carefully curated, distinct and separate identities depending on the community they are engaging or aiming to engage; some have one identity and switch between different aspects of their lives, their personalities, or their passions, in the same space. There is no right or wrong in this, merely a range of behaviours and approaches.

But how we are perceived frequently matters to us, whether in a personal or professional context, or over a specific period of time. Working in digital spaces means that people have the ability to examine your online musings, your behaviours, and how you relate to others. They will form opinions, judge you in your absence, construe and misconstrue.

Based on a simple 360 feedback tool, Johari Window, the authors have set out to develop a tool that allows users to elicit feedback and reflect on their digital identity.

The conference is free, why not come and join me, Donna Lanclos and Zac Gribble for the session.

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