U&I Showcase: The Web2Rights Project

One of the joys of working as a programme manager at the JISC is working with a group of people that you can bounce ideas off, find gaps and then elicit solutions. Following a series of reports about IPR and Copyright issues around new and emerging technologies, we, (JISC, and the JISC Users and Innovation Programme), commissioned a project in Autumn 2007 to provide some pragmatic advice and guidance. Delivering earlier than expected, with more outputs on the way, the Web2Rights project is a fantastic resource for anyone in the education sector working in this area. Furthermore a series of FAQs is constantly being added to. A good starting point is the IP Toolkit.

For April the team intend to launch an interactive resource which will help users navigate through the advice in a flow diagram. In addition keep an eye on the project blog for interesting developments, one of the editors informs me that they are looking at some terms and conditions of specific commercial products and whether they suit academic practices. The team have now published a great article about whether or not to use Blackboard Scholar- well worth a look.

Finally, the project is also trying to exemplify the practices it advises on. The website provides a clean design, with good RSS feeds, embedded videos, a blog, discussion forum and opportunities for the ‘community’ to contribute. They are also using the tools they are investigating, using for example, a Facebook group, and slideshare (below).

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