Thinking about effective remote working and social connectivity

image of a group of animals

During lockdown there has been a lot written around online learning, and I think it would be a fair characterisation to say that the “great pivot” of 2020 was primarily a tsunami of “content push”. This is not a criticism, the response to emergency remote teaching was amazing, and every week we capture new stories…

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Reflections Week Nine: Engagement and Experience

old painting of a hare or rabbit

I have been in conversation with that Dave Cormier, I found myself on a recent walk out in the countryside near where I live looking around and saying to myself “that’s a rhizome, and that’s a rhizome, and that’s a rhizome…” But also I have been working with colleagues around thinking about education visions (yes…

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Reflections Week Six: leaning into, and on, the network

This week has been really busy, mostly doing research around academic behaviours during the crisis. We’re learning really important stuff and we hope to be able to share early findings  soon and publish later in the year. And this is a short reflection, prompted by the conversations with academics, and my own engagement with people.…

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Being human in a time of crisis

a network of people

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. Troilus and Cressida Co-authored with Donna Lanclos and Peter Bryant There’s been worry, anger, fear, snark, genuine excitement and lots of emotions in between and around those as responses to what educators need to do to interact with each other, and their students, now that we…

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