FOTE2008: 3rd Session

Mile Metcalfe, Ravensbourne

Miles started by discussing the college’s move to Greenwich. The innovative ideas for ICT include:

  • Flexible Learnings Spaces (you had to hear the visualisation)
  • Serendipitous Commons
  • Subsidise personal technology
  • high end reources integrated with user owned workflows
  • Software as a service (google),  opensource alternatives to ‘money grabbing’ proprietory systems

The curse of the Mobile – Mobile Phones did away with the need punctuality.


  • The VLE is no longer the whole answer
  • RSS, OpenID preserve the VLEpanopticon
  • Bounded systems give way to more open collaboration

Some parting shots

  • OpenID is far from perfect
  • I don’t trust these extra-institutional software as a service

Miles did an excellent and entertaining presentation which is available at

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