FOTE 2008: Final Session

Building 21st Century Learning Environments, John Hickey, Apple

Where we need to go – evolution of education

Student as both consumer and producer.

Disconnected in an interconnected world

Students say that going into class is like taking a flight, they have to switch things off and cannot access the outside world.

Students expect an interconnected (academic) life, they see the real world as incredibly advanced, when it isn’t they lose interest.

Technology Brings; Advance > Engage > Outreach

There as been as shift in power in the consumerisation of IT. New drivers for performance, productivity and collaboration include: Facebook, youtube, googleapps etc. IT depts are drilling through to adapt rather than taking it as the norm.

Students’ dorms are like mini IT departments.

Consumer technologies are setting the pace for students’ expectations.

Moving from context (80%) to core (20%). Core is the things that we must do (as HEIs) ourselves. Core is what makes HEIs unique. Apple suggest flipping the model.

Apple’s learning environment is? He didn’t say, I assume from the motherhood and apple pie image that it is all the products they have?

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