Portrait of a User #2

S, Academic
Interview conducted by email, Oct 07

What do you think of as ‘technology’?

Well, even a pen was technology at one stage!
Technology is practical, every day, stuff which we take for granted (umm, usually powered by electricity in some form) as well as gadgetry and gizmos.

How would you describe your ability to use technology?

Well, when I was teaching computing I would have said that I was at the cutting edge but since I stopped my skills have remained in a state of limbo whilst the technology has moved on.  But I’m happy to embrace new technology as, and when I need to.

What sort of technologies do you typically use?

Mobile technologies, my PDA  replaced my trusty filofax two years ago.  And yes, I do use it; it is more than a glorified diary,  I use the excel spreadsheets for expenses and mpg of my car, word for notes of meetings if I haven’t got my laptop.  And yes, it does have a selection of music and photos too.  It also has wireless, so I use it for email and internet access when away from the office or abroad. It is both  work and pleasure.
My mobile phone is 8 years old – state of the art at the time but it functions.  I usually have a digital camera with me, so there is no need for a camera phone (for better quality photos and videos). My PDA gives me access to email, so no need for that either.My laptop goes most places with me but this will change when I get my PDA keyboard working efficiently! And yes, I have an ipod too with music, photos and some files.

I’ll get SKYPE, when more than one other person I know uses it! 🙂

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