Something submitted, to something different — #disrupticon

In September a call for submissions appeared on the SEDA list that was a little different. To quote Kieran Fenby-Hulse

The Doctoral College and Centre for Research Capability and Development will be holding a one day Conference happening on Friday 19th January 2018. Our Call for Something is currently open and closes on 12th November.

A call for something – something different? Some of us had a chat, and something was created.

This is our submission to this happening.

Thanks to James, Dave and Donna, Pixabay and the smooth sounds of Glasspocket

See you all at there




  • 💬 Y’all aren’t very good at subtweeting...
  • 💬 In here for this convo :)
  • 💬 well we got into the conference and ran the workshop :-)
  • 💬 I hear that! To be fair, it's the bass in Glasspocket that makes the sound, I prefer their instrumentals ;-)
  • 💬 Bridgy Response
  • 💬 thank you
  • 💬 y'all are sweet:)
  • 💬 Sundi Richard
  • 💬 Zerry Greene (He/Him)
  • 💬 definitely the bass is the best part.
  • 💬 they prefer all proposals to be accompanied by techno music, I believe.
  • 💬 if I ever get to come to @eCampusOntario again I might submit a proposal to them in the same way.
  • 💬 I think that is a good sign that it worked!
  • 💬 very cool! Did it work?

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