Being human in a time of crisis

a network of people

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. Troilus and Cressida Co-authored with Donna Lanclos and Peter Bryant There’s been worry, anger, fear, snark, genuine excitement and lots of emotions in between and around those as responses to what educators need to do to interact with each other, and their students, now that we…

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A Provocation for Digital Leadership

A line drawing of a unicorn

On 6th December 2019 Jisc launched a Digital Leadership community.  As the instigator of the Jisc work in this space I was invited to offer some provocations to kick the community off. I have been around the education technology space for a while, and I thought a retrospective on my personal pursuit of EdTech Unicorns…

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Inspired by a Possum

Inspired by an anonymous possum is not normally how I would start a blog post,  but the incongruous “EdTech Possum” tweeted sometime in July about Twitter and specifically Tweetchats. Well the first statement “Twitter is not a Personal Learning Network” is contextual, clearly for this particular marsupial, no it probably isn’t. But it is for…

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A Session for #OER19 and coming back to Eire

OER19: what I am thinking, and what questions do I have? Myself, Bonnie Stewart and Dave Cormier are presenting this week at OER19. The Participatory Open: Can We Build a Pro-social / Pro-societal Web? We started talking about this session when I wrote a blog post about the UK Government’s approach to digital. Namely the…

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Listening to teachers: #Digifest19 preview

Donna Lanclos and I have just finished and about are about to publish our work “Listening to teachers:  a qualitative exploration of teaching practices in higher and further education, and the implications for digital” We are going to be talking about this on our panel on Wednesday of Digifest (13th March) so come along and…

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