Do I need a new license? Creative Commons, Cambridge Analytica and Ethics

a pad lock that is open overlain with data

With thanks to Dan Lynds for for suggestions and edits Earlier this year Robin de Rosa and Rajiv Jhangiani launched the Open Pedagogy Notebook, a resource for any educators to both use open resources and learn more about the underpinning idea of open. I first met Robin in August 2016 at DigPedPEI, we had lots…

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Will Digital Colonialism kill pedagogic innovation?

Captain Cook takes formal possession of New South Wales 1770

A couple of weeks ago I was quoted in the Times Higher decrying Virtual Learning Environments. There is a wider context to this. For one thing I referred to most “Learning Technologies” and didn’t intend to single out the VLE. VLE’s were essential to confronting the serious challenges facing the online educator in 1997., They…

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Reframing the debate? Learning Technologies part 2

Last week Donna Lanclos and I had our session accepted to ALT-C. It builds on a debate around whether Learning Technologies are fit for purpose? We know this is not a new debate: Previous debates around this subject have been focused on the ‘purpose’ of the Virtual Learning Environment. As argued by Stiles 2007: I…

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