Preparing for @UXLibs


Last week I was preparing my keynote for the second UXLibs conference in Manchester, in June. The UXLibs approach is to use ethnographic, usability and human-centred design research approaches to gather invaluable behavioural and attitudinal user information, to inform the work of libraries and beyond. It’s a privilege to be invited to speak to this […]

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Time to put a stop to the Sound-byte Generation


Touch-Screen Generation, iPad Generation, Generation Z, Touchscreen Teens These kinds of terms are a useful way for identifying if a talk will be any good or whether it will be full of sound-bytes. But the language is more than that, using it in this way disenfranchises billions of people in the world with no access […]

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Digital Literacy and the problem of balancing Presence and Anonymity

lego anon

“… in the context of talking about behaviour online, the notion of “anonymous trolls” comes up often enough, I think it’s worth interrogating, and also making visible the variety of non-toxic anonymous and pseudonymous presences that people cultivate on the web.” Donna Lanclos, 2015 Anonymity as come to the forefront of the debates around digital […]

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Do we need new pedagogies? Really?

I was engaged in an online discussion recently, and frankly annoyed. There are a lot of commentators pushing for pedagogy to catch up with technology, or for technology to catch up with pedagogy. And don’t even get me started when someone starts throwing around things like heutagogy. So I wanted to reflect on three things […]

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