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Connectivism and the tyranny of print

Digital Pedagogy Lab : Prince Edward Island : Second Reflections [caption id="attachment_8246" align="aligncenter" width="730"] Welcome address at Digital Pedagogy Lab : UPEI[/caption] The recent pedagogy lab on Prince Edward Island was split into two tracks, Digital Literacies and Networks. My experience was mostly with the network track, focusing on the nature of digital networks and…

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Keynote @ University of Bath Learning and Teaching conference

Dave White and I gave a keynote entitled Academic Credibility Online at the University of Bath Learning and Teaching conference last week. It was a good opportunity to test the ideas around the Individual as Institution idea and also explore their relationship with the Visitor – Resident model / framework. [slideshare id=21207976&doc=bathdavewhitelawriephipps-130515083739-phpapp02]  

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Incremental or Radical Change

I’ve been working with some of the new JISC Transformations Projects and looking back at the previous Building Capacity Projects, both of these programmes are based around deploying JISC resources to bring about organisational change. Following a conversation with a someone from Gartner late in 2011 it got me thinking about some of the peripheral…

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