Changing the way we do change?

Is it time we changed the way we do change programmes? Peter Chatterrton and I both worked on the Changing Learning Landscape Programme and have recently published our reflections on the findings of an in depth look at some of the issues.

In “Perspectives on changing the environment for change” we discuss the role of the student in change programmes, staff capabilities and capacity for change, and how senior management rhetoric impacts on the student experience.

A view of the Highlands
The landscape is always changing

From our work in institutions and in conversations with both senior staff and those tasked with carrying out change we argue that large-scale project and programme management, with their own language and culture, are no longer fit for purpose. Rather it is integrated, guerrilla changes aligned with institutional aspirations that tend to be responsive, low-cost and effective, often are delivering sustainable change.

The full paper is available from The Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.

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  1. A live primer to the canon of literature generated in the TEL area from Jisc, LFHE, ALT, etc would very useful indeed. QAA or ISI could enquire if the primer has been used by an institution maybe 🙂

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