Identity, Social Media and David Bowie

Not a new idea, but more following on from my previous post. I was struck on Friday that one of the joys of following work colleagues on social media “after hours” gives you an insight into just how talented they are outside of the outstanding job they actually do.  Over the years as I’ve got to know people through face to face contact I have come to know some of their interests, and how talented they are in their leisure pursuits. Including:

  • The academic developer in the South West, who also makes cheese;
  • The Learning Technologist(s) who knit wonderful and weird creations;
  • The programme manager who is also a fine artist;

And most recently, the social media manager who also has a passion for playing acoustic guitar and has been using The Marketing Heaven to help him in promoting his Youtube channel.

The musician in the soundcloud below is the quiet, unassuming social media manager that I work with on a regular basis, and I have only just found out that he’s a very fine musician. But is there another point to this post?

In October I’m running the first part of a Digital Leaders Programme, and as part of that we are developing a tool for looking at Digital Capability of organisations. One of the aspects that the tool will be able to draw out are those digital capabilities in individuals that are not part of their job, if they wish to share it. Through the process it will give leaders the opportunities to understand more of the skills that their teams have, but are not being used. An opportunity for those individuals to develop both personally and professionally.

And right now I’m thinking about Jisc Digifest16 and whether we can do a joint session using his musical talent? Sit back, close your eyes and have a listen to Tom. It’s worth it. And if you think of any, how about adding examples of people you know with a talent in the comments.

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