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Great Auk from Birds of America (1827) by John James Audubon (1785 - 1851), etched by Robert Havell (1793 - 1878). The original Birds of America is the most expensive printed book in the world and a truly awe-inspiring classic.

Looking Ahead!

St Lubbock’s Day! Well one of them. One of the things about bank holidays that come after a long break is that I always feel that it’s like a “get ready for work day”. I’m lucky, often I am recovering from jet lag from a skiing holiday, in readiness to get ready for the first…

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Leading Change in Libraries: A keynote for UXLibs 2

We all have experience of change initiatives at one level or another. After being involved in more than 200 change projects across the higher education sector, and working with senior staff at more than 60 universities, this keynote was trying to communicate some general principles around leading change. A lot of people helped me in…

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ZX81 values will rise as elderly ed-techs buy them as Raspberry Pi Cases

Another end of year ed-tech predictions post ;-)

Well here we are at the end of the year, if you’re anything like me then it is indeed the season to be jolly. However, if you’re one of the many thought-leaders out there on the internet then you’ve probably been looking forward to this point in the year for a while and have been…

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