Up Scope!

This week I have been engaged in a MOOC, the 12 Apps of Christmas run by Regents University. It looks at a mobile app each day in the context of mainly learning and teaching practice. The course is a great and fun way of engaging with some apps you may not have heard of.

On the 9th (day of appmas) I was asked to do a session with Periscope on a subject of my choice related to the course and to highlight the app. I roped in James Clay and we ran a joint session on Mobile Apps and the work we’ve been doing on Digital Capability.

The app itself is really nice, showing you who’s engaged and allowing interaction with the audience, I’ve used it before in fieldwork and for fun (going through a lock on a canal). Sadly one limitation is that the video only remains for 24 hours (showing the interactions). So you need to save the local copy, which is a normal video.

The video, for those who are interested is below and lasts less than 20 minutes.

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