Thinking aloud: MS Teams, Domain of One’s Own and EdTech

Back in 08 Myself, Cormier and Stiles asked a question about virtual learning environments (VLEs). Extinction or Evolution? Some might have seen the question as a tautology, certainly at the time of writing we anticipated that the VLE of 10 years later would have evolved and changed and look very different, but have the same…

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“Accessible” is not the same as Inclusion

Back to school shopping can be really expensive, and outside of the holiday season, this is the second biggest retail shopping season in America. The biggest items purchased? Electronics, clothing, and school supplies. Needless to say, it’s easy to see how these school essentials can add up fast. If you have kids or if you are a student,…

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Will Digital Colonialism kill pedagogic innovation?

Captain Cook takes formal possession of New South Wales 1770

A couple of weeks ago I was quoted in the Times Higher decrying Virtual Learning Environments. There is a wider context to this. For one thing I referred to most “Learning Technologies” and didn’t intend to single out the VLE. VLE’s were essential to confronting the serious challenges facing the online educator in 1997., They…

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Making the Change: Technology Enhanced Learning

Changing the Learning Landscape: A multi-agency approach

The Changing the Learning Landscape programme was a multi-agency approach that sought to help institutions bring changes to the student experience through the appropriate use of technology. As well as being multi-agency from the external perspective, the success of the programme was also in large part due to the participation of multiple agents in the…

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After the debate… #digifest15

From where I stood, the Jisc Digital Festival 2015 aka #digfest15, was pretty good. Some excellent sessions, engaged delegates and I also had the small matter of a debate to chair. I’d like to start right off by thanking everyone who attended the debate, I was blown away by the number of people that were…

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Are Learning Technologies fit for purpose? #Digifest15

In the strictest sense of the word technology has been used in in learning and teaching since before we were using chalk on slate; the reasons are myriad including efficiency, enhanced learning, or just because it is there. On Monday 9th March 2015 we will be debating “Are learning technologies fit for purpose?” This debate…

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