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Digital Literacy and the problem of balancing Presence and Anonymity

“… in the context of talking about behaviour online, the notion of “anonymous trolls” comes up often enough, I think it’s worth interrogating, and also making visible the variety of non-toxic anonymous and pseudonymous presences that people cultivate on the web.” Donna Lanclos, 2015 Anonymity as come to the forefront of the debates around digital…

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Keynote @ University of Bath Learning and Teaching conference

Dave White and I gave a keynote entitled Academic Credibility Online at the University of Bath Learning and Teaching conference last week. It was a good opportunity to test the ideas around the Individual as Institution idea and also explore their relationship with the Visitor – Resident model / framework. [slideshare id=21207976&doc=bathdavewhitelawriephipps-130515083739-phpapp02]  

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